ways To Get Good And Awesome Seo Results

For any good results to be achieved in regards to SEO results Bill Lentis Media, some basic tips have to be followed for excellent search results. This will improve the appearance of your site to the people who visit your site and as a result, there will be more traffic to your site.

Therefore, all that is generally required here is more effort and improvising on new ways to formulate your site content. These tips will get you on the go with your SEO.

Have To Monitor Where You Stand

Generally, you wont get to know your efforts in regards to SEO if you are not abler to monitor the standings of your searches. The marketing VOX principle can be used here to explain this. What does it say? This suggests that you have to keenly observe your page ranking using such tools as the google toolbar and Alexa. Another important thing is to keep track of your log regularly, refer to your log this is to to be able to keep track of where those people who tend to visit your site come from and also the search terms that they use to find your site.


A lot of emphases have been put regarding keywords. This is because if you use appropriate keywords keenly in every aspect of your site such as;

Image names

Therefore it is recommended that you have to think well on keyword search terms i.e. there has to be a simple way that a person looking for information on a given topic can search for it.
According to PC World, the title tag and the page header sum up as the two most important points to note when putting keywords.

On the other hand, you should note that when you put a ridiculous amount of keywords on that your site then this will lead to you being labeled as a spammer and as we know that the search engines are usually programmed all the sites that are found to have done keyword-stuffing hence you have to be strategic.

Site Should Link Back To Yourself

Basically for SEO to be successful, you must be able to ensure that all internal links are channeled into your site. This will make it easier to boost the traffic caused by individual pages.
When creating any new content always try to ensure that you make it a point to link it back to tour archives .in Marketing Vox we are aided on the importance of ensuring that the anchor text search engine friendly so that it is only the relevant words that point to a page so that they are the only ones that appear on the search results when users decide to run searches with those terms.
Generally, as the requirements with all SEO ensure that your links do not cross to be seen as excessive linking as this may make the visitors of your link to get mad.

Create A Site Map

A site map is a page that listing and linking to all the other main pages that are on your site. So major pages on your site must be reached only by fewer clicks; this will make the page better hence having excellent performance.

Have Search-Friendly Urls

To achieve this, you have to ensure that you name them with clear keywords that are easy to understand and can be search engine friendly when searched. This in turn even boosts your SEO rankings way above. A search-friendly link will also minimize the hustle to the people who visit your site and make it easier.

Avoid Flash

Flash may generally look like a non-issue but it does not a big thing for your SEO. search engine journal states t you cant use framers to link a single page since this may lead them to share a common problem hence frames should not be used at all instead use Flash and Ajax sparingly for the best SEO results.

Incorporate navigation links if at all you have to have splashed on your main page hence it is necessary to start with your image name and also include a keyword-rich description that’s for every image. If the texts around your image are visible, then that means youre your SEO will be excellent and valuable.