Outsourcing Your Seo

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest” coined by Peter Drucker, a legendary management consultant has become internationally recognized tagline for businesses.

For businesses outsourcing today have become a common practice to get help from third party for their business related activity especially in the field of digital marketing. This helps them save time and money, and they can focus more on other important parts of their business.

While doing something yourself or in-house hiring have its own benefits and is encouraged many times. But in a larger perspective, outsourcing may benefit you much more especially in the field of digital marketing.

So if you have just started your digital marketing strategy and are focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) Bill Lentis Media LLC, here are a few benefits you can achieve by outsourcing it to a third party.

Can be cost effective

If you are on a tight budget for your digital marketing campaign, outsourcing your SEO campaign can work wonders.

When it comes down to SEO costs, you will find a lot of variations. SEO costs can also vary on locations. You might be at a place or country where you will find in-house hiring for SEO experts too costly, so you can look to outsource it to SEO experts from other parts of the world. Charging much lower doesnt necessarily mean they have low skill set.

Take these stats for example.

According to a research, the hourly SEO cost in United States can range between $60- $300; apart from 2.94% SEO professionals who charge less than $60. While in India, 83.33% of SEO service providers work for less than $25 per hour.


If you are new to SEO, its terms and how the whole SEO process works can take a lot of time for you to digest or fully grasp its functionalities. Though the idea and mechanism behind the whole SEO process looks fairly simple and understandable, but mastering the art of SEO can take a while for the best of the minds out there. So you need to decide if its worth taking so much time out from other important parts of your business activities and serve your time on learning DIY SEO. While outsourcing will just instantly start your SEO campaign and you will not have to worry about spending so much time on learning.

Keeping up with Search Engine Algorithm

Keeping up with the constantly changing SEO techniques can be very challenging. These techniques rely heavily on the Algorithm of search engines. Keeping up-to-date with these Algorithms and coming with innovative SEO ideas requires a lot of dedication. Outsourcing will help you to use that attention in other important parts of your business.

DIY SEO may end up hurting your business

SEO is very rewarding for your business but at the same time if you dont do it right, you may end up denting your marketing campaign. Search engines, especially Google watches each websites closely for any violation or misuse of its guidelines and policies. Using methods which are discouraged by Google can hurt your ranking and even get your website penalized.

You might unknowingly cross a line and hurt your business if you are trying to do SEO on your own, while good SEO professionals always stays updated on search engines guidelines and polices.


Dont be discouraged if you are going for in-house or DIY, SEO. Sometimes they can be more beneficial for your business. These points are mentioned so you can select the best option that suits you and your business.