3 Positives And Negatives Of Snapchat In Digital Marketing

Snapchat is a messaging app, through which users exchange pictures and videos, and when people view them, they disappear. The prominent features of Snapchat include adding filters to faces for amusement and adding videos and pictures to Snapchat stories, which can be viewed by more than one person.

Even though this app might seem like an entertaining app, businesses can promote their brand and products using this app as well.

Access To Audience

SEO consultant Boston brands use such apps they get access to audience, and like any other platform, it gives them exposure to a wide audience. Those who use Snapchat usually consist of young audience; a brand whose target audience is young people, they can use Snapchat to communicate with them. Brands can send messages catering to a small group, or it can use a generalized message to send too many.

Retention Of Messages

Snapchat is designed in a way that it helps customer retain messages. If a user sees an interesting story section of pictures and videos, and it appeals to them, then they will remember the message. A Snapchat story can be used for directing customers to a website, by including links in the story. Snapchat swipe is a great way to reach customers, where they can see blog posts of different brands. If the blog post of a brand is appealing from the very first five seconds, then a user will watch it till the end.

It is easier to retain the attention of customers on Snapchat, because the messages that brands share with their customers, they are short and concise. Snapchat doesnt allow sharing of bulk messages, and who doesnt like things short and sweet?

Unique Content

The format of Snapchat allows people to share unique content with people. It is the best place to share discount codes and promotional products with users. When an event is going live, Snapchat can be used to make people part of that event, or they can be given an insight into how company operations are run. If users are able to see who runs the business and the people involved, they might become more loyal to the business.

Snapchat content is personal; this means that when customers are sent something, only they can see it and that too, for a short while. This creates curiosity among customers and they want to see stories and Snapchat messages right away, fearing that if it is something important, then they will be left out.

Despite its positive points, there are still concerns about whether Snapchat should be used for digital marketing purposes or not.

Limited Use Of Snapchat

Even though Snapchat reaches a good audience, the use of Snapchat is very limited. There arent many features that can be used effectively for digital marketing. For example, if it comes to Snapchat stories, if a user isnt online for twenty four hours, then he will completely miss a Snapchat story released by a brand. Moreover, younger audience uses Snapchat the most, which makes it complicated for brands to decide whether it is worth it to use the app or not, if most of their products cater to an adult audience.

Loss Of Vital Information

Even though it is an advantage that people would want to see a Snapchat message or story right away, because it disappears, they might not remember everything that they see. If the message isnt formed properly, and it is not appealing to the audience, but there is vital information on it, a user wont be able to retain it. This is particularly in the case when a Snapchat story disappears right away, and cant be seen again.

Content Retention

The best part of social media platforms is that, if a user wants to see what a brand was posting a year ago, they can go to their timeline and easily go to the year they wish to see. However, when it comes to Snapchat, a user cant see what the account of a brand posted, a month ago or a week ago.

It is true that Snapchat does cater to a small audience, but it is a very creative approach that can make an impression on customers. With the help of Snapchat, messages like product promotions, voucher numbers and discount codes can be displayed in a creative way. If a brand wants to use Snapchat, then they must get to know when their customers are online, and when posting messages would be most effective.