The 4 Key Components Of Video Marketing

The popularity of video marketing is gaining prominence all over the internet. While YouTube was the sole video search engine before the social media age, we now have people posting videos even on Facebook and Google. Just recently, twitter announced that posters could now post videos along with their tweets. This means that there is an obvious shift to video marketing as the most powerful tool of brand marketing. Search Engine Optimization services can launch and optimize your video campaigin this way it has a better chance of reaching your target audience. As you consider this latest mode of creating brand awareness, there are important components to consider for a successful campaign.

Show benefit to the viewer

The purpose of making a video for marketing purposes is so that it generates business for you but it should also have benefit for whoever is watching. Declaring this aspect early on in the video is good for capturing their attention and subsequently making your sales pitch. The effectiveness of a video that lets the viewer know how they benefit from buying a product or service far outweighs a video that highlights the greatness of a good or service.

Save on time

With so much information to go through on the internet, a lot of people have automatically developed a short attention span. Video analytics reports indicate that most viewers lose concentration after the 60th second so it is important to keep the video as short as possible. You definitely have a lot to share with your viewers but it makes more sense to summarize and have viewers watch everything than to have viewers switch off in the middle.

Measure results

How do you know if a video posted on the internet is effective in your marketing campaigns? A marketer can now see from video analytics data how many times the video has been viewed, average length of video watched and where the viewers are watching from. This data is effective for improvement of quality and inclusion of target specific content.

Save on costs

Contrary to what some people believe, having an effective marketing video does not have to be a costly affair. Most companies by the time they decide to delve into marketing already have some items such as logos and corporate pictures they can use to create a marketing tool. There is no harm in shooting a state of the art video for promotional purposes if the funds are there about it is unnecessary.

Getting a video out into the market is an easy process if you know where to post it. Do not be intimidated by coding jargon that is needed to follow up on the performance of your material. With the right team, video marketing can be the most effective tool of promoting your brand.