Tecademics Ecom Incubator

The Tecademics Ecom Incubator course is a one year, premium live workshop training on creating, setting up, launching and promoting a brand new, ecommerce online store on Shopify, for each attendee.

Training is conducted on site at Tecademics headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Classes are kept small in number and top earning ecommerce instructors are on hand to help students with over the shoulder guidance at every step. Each Ecom advisor or instructor has earned a minimum of $100,000 in sales with their own stores. This is a one year course with 25 days of onsite training at campus. The cost of the course is $25,000 and it comes with a money back guarantee which ensures you make at least $12,500 in sales. Due to the small class sizes, students have to complete an application to be accepted onto the program.

A total of 10 weeks have been allocated for classes in 2017. Classes run from Mondays to Fridays and need to be reserved in advance.
Students are allowed to attend with a partner who must be either a spouse or business partner. Students will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Here is a quick breakdown of what the coursework covers:

1. Building an ecommerce store utilizing the Shopify platform
2. Branding the store, selecting a niche and creating a store name
3. Selecting and adding products to the store
4. Designing the store layout and setting up plugins
5. Creating and setting up accounts to process payment
6. Setting up product fulfillment
7. Managing and understanding reports
8. How to design, setup and manage Facebook advertising campaigns to promote the products

Students will be given assignments to complete the steps above.

Students are required to provide their own accommodation and make their own travel arrangements when attending classes. Light beverages and snacks are available during the day as well as full lunch.
Attending classes also provides a great networking opportunity to meet other students and share ideas and experiences.

The real opportunity with the Ecom Incubator course is to not only get step by step training on all aspects of setting up and managing your online store, but the ability to ask any questions or overcome any hurdles in the process of setting up your store, are invalueable. Often it can be just one or two roadblocks that prevent you from launching and being profitable and this training allows you to walk away with a completed store ready to earn income. If one considers the time saved in launching a store and the earning potential in time lost figuring ecommerce out on your own, the time saved may well pay for the course in itself.