Why You Should Hire A Professional Fire And Smoke Restorer

Though the pain of losing your belongings in a fire might initially discourage you from spending even more on the services of a professional fire restorer, they are the only ones who truly have the skills and know-how that are necessary in such a situation. After all, while you might think that cleaning up after a fire is as simple as removing some soot and washing your walls, the principles behind fire and smoke damage restoration are not that straightforward.

After the Fire

While smoke is not as terrifying as a blazing fire, the damage it can wreak can be just as devastating. If the ash that it leaves behind is not immediately cleared and treated, it can end up etching on your brass or copper furniture, corroding your appliances, and leaving behind unpleasant odors in your linens and upholstery.

Fire does not only burn through your belongings. Its residue can also discolor the items that have been left behind, such as upholstery and clothing. Metals can tarnish or corrode if the coating of soot or ash is left on for too long. Likewise, the finishing on your wooden floors or electrical appliances can begin to yellow if they are not immediately subjected to proper cleaning. Ash is an acidic substance so it will only cause greater damage the longer it is left alone.

In order to prevent this from happening, it is best if you immediately contact the professional fire and smoke restorers in your neighborhood. Wasting time will only worsen the damage and increase the possible costs. Waiting for weeks before seeking professional help will increase the chances of needing to replace more items rather than to seek simpler restoration.

What to Expect from a Professional Fire and Smoke Restorer

Unlike a simple homeowner, professionally trained restorers such as Denver Restoration Masters will be able to quickly assess the damaged materials within the vicinity. He will also be able to pinpoint the sources of any foul odors. The restoration and cleanup process is a highly meticulous job and only a professional will be able to execute it as thoroughly as possible.

A certified professional restorer will be able to identify which items can still be saved and which are too damaged and beyond repair. He will clean the items that can still be restored and carefully remove the soot and ash coating. The residue left behind by a fire can easily spread to other items and cause even greater damage, so it is best that you leave this job for the experts.

Afterwards, the restorers can then focus on removing the unsavory odors by locating the main source. They can then use specialized equipment and cleaning materials in order to neutralize the odors. The treated sources can either be taken out of the premises or sealed off to prevent the odors from spreading.

How to Choose Your Fire and Smoke Restoration Provider

Unless you already have a company in mind, you will find that there can be numerous fire and smoke restoration companies in and around your neighborhood. Nevertheless, you should only choose the one that can boast of having certified and trained professionals under its employment.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or the IICRC is the government agency that monitors and registers these companies. You should make sure that you choose a restoration company that has been certified by the IICRC. Only the companies that pass and uphold the strict standards of the industry will be able to help you get through the restoration process.