4 Important Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring An Attorney

Here is a brief article that will describe 4 very important questions you should ask before hiring any attorney. With so many lawyers out there, it is crucial that you pick the best one for your particular case. This will ensure that you get the best service, rate and can get things resolved as quickly as possible. Here are 4 questions you should always ask.

1. Are there alternative ways to solve my legal problems?

It may seem counterintuitive, but you may want to ask your attorney if there are any alternatives to solve your legal problems. For instance, you may be able to avoid a costly trial with arbitration, mediation or another out-of-court arrangement.

After all, an attorney and law firms are in the business to make moneybeing able to screen lawyers based on their willingness to take on your case may provide you with a candid look on how they really feel about your case. These subconscious tells can be valuable when a lawyer may feel that theres no money in your case, even though you certainly believe you are entitled to an outcome in your favor.

2. What do you feel is the likely outcome of my case?

Its a fair question to ask an attorney whether they think that your case may result a positive outcome. The answer should be an honest answer that shouldnt be too persuasive. Expressing doubt from the beginning of your case isnt necessarily a bad sign. In fact, it shows that your attorney has experience in cases similar to yours and can anticipate the setbacks before investing time in your case. Even if they say that you have a slim chance of winning, this may help you compare other consultations from other attorneys. Overly optimistic attorneys may reveal their inexperience and ineptitude this way.

And just like any other business, law firms rely on word of mouth to drum up business. If they lead you on or overpromise, word gets around.

3. Do you have experience practicing law in the courthouse where my case will be held?

In practicing law and representing clients, it is as important to know WHO they know as much as WHAT they know. If your attorney has prior experience with a judge that may likely preside over your case, they may be able to inform you of their particular biases and overall fairness. This goes for local prosecutors, as well; if a prosecutor is looking for certain types of convictions, this may factor in your decision to pursue a plea deal.
Also, dont forget that those who practice law tend to congregate in the same social circles. While many who practice law try to remain fair and impartial to influence, an attorney that has intimate knowledge of a judge/prosecutor/attorney life and experience may be able to more accurately detail how your case will play out. If a judge was recently involved in a nasty divorce, chances are s/he may have some lingering resentments that may spill over into your case.

4. Have you ever been accused or sanctioned for attorney misconduct?

It may seem intrusive to ask, but you have a right to be informed if lawyer has been accused or has been proven in violation of their professional and ethical responsibilities. This information can be obtained online via a states legal licensing authority; however, it is also a valid question to ask directly to see how your potential lawyer reacts.