How To Succeed With A Saturation Direct Mail Campaign

Availing of the EDDM service for business (Every Door Direct Mail) lets you conduct direct mail campaigns more affordably. While an email marketing campaign is cheaper, a direct mail campaign may ultimately give you better results, depending on your requirements.

EDDM allows you to mount a saturation direct mail campaign. Saturation campaigns send mailers to everybody within a certain area, such as a particular ZIP code or a certain radius around your business location. This is in contrast to a targeted direct mail campaign, in which you acquire a mailing list of people you believe may be interested in your business. You then send only these people mailers.

When should you undertake a saturation campaign? If you’re a small business that only serves a relatively small service area, then sending mail to everybody within this area can help increase walk-in business. Saturation campaigns are also ideal for those businesses that are just opening or that are trying to build awareness.

Thus, the small businesses that can most benefit from saturation campaigns are those that provide a service, such as auto repair shops, landscape companies and those providing home improvement and repair. You can also use saturation mailings to promote a sale, grand opening, or other special event.

EDDM only allows flat postcard mailers to be used, but this should not limit your creativity. In fact, you can use it to your advantage since the recipient will be able to see the postcard at once without having to open an envelope. Thus, you have to make sure that the visuals are striking enough to attract the attention of the recipient.

Once you have gotten their attention, your mail must have strong copy that will generate the results you want. There are three steps that your copy has to follow:

Stoke the readers interest. You do this by introducing a problem that the reader has, and then explaining how your product or service can solve it. For instance, if you own a food kit delivery service, your headline can be Spend More Time with Your Family. This highlights the problem how long it takes to shop for cooking ingredients and the solution having a food kit delivered to your door, so that you can start cooking at once.

Make them want to buy your product. You can do this by highlighting what benefits your product gives the customer, i.e. fresh ingredients delivered to your door, in pre-measured quantities and ready to cook.

A call to action. Its now time to tell the reader what you want them to do. For instance, you can tell them that they can sign up for a free trial and get three kits free.