Different Types Of Content Used In Digital Marketing

Content creation is not just about writing blogs and articles; there are other different kinds of content used in digital marketing Quick Sprout.


Podcast is like an audio interview or a monologue, about a specific topic. The reason why podcasts have become popular in todays time, and in digital marketing, is because when people are exercising or driving, then they prefer to listen to things, as they cant read during that time. They can listen to podcasts about historical events or current events, entertainment and books, and this could be used as a digital marketing tool by companies Adespresso.


Infographics are another kind of content used in digital marketing. It is a visual representation that shows a connection between things, and gives information about them using graphics. For example, if a website wants to show customers descriptions about their products and services, then they can create infographics, detail the descriptions of products, and show their pictures as well. Infographics are easy to understand, which is why they can be shared on different social media platforms, and have the potential to go viral. techscrunch.com – Using Experts for SEO Digital Marketing in Boston.


If a company wants to remain competitive in the marketplace, then producing content like appealing and attention-grabbing videos is a must. Companies should make videos about products and services, but they should make sure that the videos are of high quality, and can be shared on multiple social media platforms.

The content of a video matters a great deal; companies should make sure that the video content is not controversial in any way. While making attention grabbing videos, companies often use messages or content which can offend someone, and even though the video would go viral, it would go viral for the wrong reasons. No company wants bad publicity, or would want to issue an apology regarding the video they have made.


Good memes can become viral within hours. However, a company should know how to make memes, which would relate to their products and services. They need to use gifs, quotes and words in the most effective way possible. Memes are easy to make, they are inexpensive, and they are an effective way to produce content for digital marketing. Memes are best if shared on social media platforms; they shouldnt be shared on official blogs or website, because they dont have much of an impact there.

Customer Stories

Customer success stories are a type of content that can be used in digital marketing. These success stories can be in the shape of testimonials, where customers talk about their experience of using a product and services, and how they have benefited from using them. This type of content can be shown on the main page of a website and can be shared on social media websites as well.


Images can be used in the shape of content for digital marketing purposes. The important thing that every marketer should remember here is that, images should be original and not taken from some other website; otherwise the company will soon receive a copyright notice. When taking pictures for blogs, websites or even social media platforms, the pictures should be of high quality, they should appear to be natural (particularly if they are of celebrities promoting a product or service), and they should be clear.

There are types of content that can be created by companies, to promote interaction between the two parties Constant Content.


A company should create a contest every now and then, to spark interest from the consumer and to get more traffic for their website SEO-primer. For example, if it is a music streaming website, then it can ask customers to listen to a particular song and whoever listens to it more, gets to keep a prize. When customers listen to one song, then they might want to explore the website further, and listen to other songs as well.

Poll For The Customers

There are websites like Twitter, which allow users to conduct a poll, to know about consumer choice and preferences. In order to create interaction with the users, companies can create polls and get to know what customers prefer and what they want them to produce convince and convert.

Content creation for the purpose of digital marketing is very important, because it attracts the attention of consumers. Contention creation allows companies to communicate with their customers, and let them know about things like product launch or new service launch.