5 Ways Article Marketing Can Benefit Your Internet Marketing

Article marketing can help you increase your website traffic and is one way you can consider as part of your internet marketing efforts. Article marketing involves content creation using keyword rich articles. These articles are aimed to draw more potential site visitors and it is used by many online marketers to improve search engine optimization. Today, we will share 5 ways article marketing can benefit you.

1. Article marketing is about spreading your articles to many websites that have high traffic. By publishing your article to as many websites as possible, it increases your chance of being found. The article will have links to your website as reference to more information. It has relevant information that is not shared but hyperlinked to your site for reference. Very much like Wikipedia where each article is linked with more informative source for references. This way, you can make your site as an authority for a topic.

2. Your article link to your website is known as inbound link. This kind of link if its a follow link can benefit your web page with additional authority. This can increase your Page Rank; which Google sees as site authority. The more backlink you get through this method, will benefit your website with higher authority and ranking for the keyword related to the article.

3. Brand building is another important aspect of SEO. While you are blogging your article to several websites, you leave behind an authors bio. This can be recognized as authority. As more people follow you and subscribe to your site through this bio, you gain more followers and more traffic to your website. That is why bio is good to have whenever you publish any article online.

4. Save money with article marketing. When you write your own article, you are saving money and gaining more authority. You may be famous with the article that your write, which helps people understand how to go about doing something you share. Submitting your articles to article directories can help you create traffic without much effort but some time to do research and writing out article.

5. Effective use of keywords is one of the other benefit when publishing article. Article marketing allows you to write what you want and add keywords to your article. When you want to rank for a keyword, you need to research many related keywords, key phrases that is also long tailed keywords to support your effort. With all these related terms or keywords, you write articles and link to your website. This will form a network of keywords that support your main targeted keyword.

In summary, we all know, that Google want all websites to be content rich, useful and high quality. Article marketing is about writing useful article for readers. You should not just write for the sake of writing for robots. You should bear in mind and ask if this will benefit anyone when they read it.